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Give yourself the edge on your competition by getting your birth photography certification!

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This option is for the already skilled and established Birth Photographer. If you feel you are able to meet the qualifications, you will have the opportunity to apply for certification review. This will include the review of one complete birth story where we will be looking for a certain level of expertise, as well as a portfolio of select photos that show that you have mastered each of the areas that we are looking for.

This certification will remain active for 2 years from the award date of official certification, at which point you will be given the opportunity to renew your certification at a discounted rate upon verification of determined number of CEU’s received. Certification comes with many benefits, including discounts for further training and access to CEU’s for your own growth and development in your career path as well as for the purpose of recertifying.

Process & Requirements for Elite Certification Review:

As part of the review, you will be required to provide a gallery of at least one complete birth start to finish. Within this birth story, we will be looking for each of the skills we feel are necessary and essential in obtaining the status of a “certified professional birth photographer”. We want to be able to see and follow the storyline, check for technical skills, and see that you have a basic understanding of post processing in order to provide a solid product to your client.

You will be then need to provide an essay in one to two paragraphs explaining what you know of the birth process, signs of labor, and how you personally determine when to arrive at the birth. There is no right or wrong answer here; everybody will be different. We just want to see that you have the ability to really gauge for yourself when to go.

Lastly, you will provide in a portfolio gallery, at least 3 images showcasing each of the following skills:
-Favorite and/or unique detail shots
-Ability to handle low light situations
-Use of flash when necessary in low light and/or to create dimension
-Show that you can provide elements of a good storyline
-Provide at least one image in each of the areas of the birth storyline: Waiting/Labor/Support, Delivery, Arrival (Emotions/Reactions), Meeting Baby, Baby Exam (including detail shots of baby), & Creative “New Family” Shots

After your certification review is complete, you will receive valuable feedback and critiques about where you may be able to improve. At that time, you will retain your certification status, receive your certificate as well as your badge to showcase online and a printable version for marketing material!


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