What I Do

I teach. I help train and educate photographers that are wanting to get into the beautiful world of Birth Photography but don’t really know where to start! The “secret” to becoming a birth photographer is that it’s really not a “secret”, but since I’ve already been through all the trial and error and have already mentored and trained others to do the same, you can learn from me and all the mistakes I made in the beginning!


My Philosophy

Birth Photography is all about storytelling! It is my hope that above and beyond anything else, and aside from the technical stuff, you will learn to tell a story. A beautiful story that your client will be able to look back on, and relive through your images! A good birth photographer is a good storyteller.



My Methods

I will help you achieve success in your training through several different formats. When you work with me, you will learn the ins and outs of birth photography. You will learn how it is different from other areas of photography, and what you need, to be prepared. Let me show you the ropes so that you too can become a skilled birth photographer! I offer several levels of training, from Birth Photography 101, to becoming a professional Certified Birth Photographer.



My Goals

My goal in providing these training programs and certifications, is to create a standard. A definition of what a professional Birth Photographer should look like. This will benefit both the birth photography community as well as the clients that we serve.

Online Education

Train to become a professional birth photographer! Have you tried and tried to research how to become a birth photographer but haven’t found much help? Well now you’re in luck! This option is for those photographers who already have an understanding of the basics of photography and are ready to move onto learning specifically about photography in the birth setting!

Professional Certification

Rachael Steele is now offering the first and ONLY certification for professional birth photographers. You can offer your clients a sense of security, knowing that they have hired a birth photographer at an expert level. Becoming a certified birth photographer means you can offer something different to your client, which equals more money in your pocket.

One-on One-Mentoring

This option is for any photographer that feels they need some additional one on one training, critiques, or even additional prep before the final submission of their portfolio for certification. This service can be offered in a number of formats including Periscope, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. or even via email and/or the telephone. Whatever makes your life easier!

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