Online Birth Photographer Education

Course Objectives

  • Know when to go (have a basic understanding of the birth process, as well as the birth space)
  • Be able to determine manual settings based on different lighting conditions you may encounter at a birth. Flash vs no flash
  • Become familiar with an example “shot list”
  • What you need to know for a hospital birth vs a home birth or birth suite birth
  • Learn to become a “storyteller”

Examples of course modules include: The Birth Consult, Know When To Go, The Technicalities: Exposure, Composition & Lighting, and The Art of Storytelling.

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Course Goals

By the end of this course the student will have the knowledge they need, to photograph their first birth. The course will include some legal, and technical as well as some creative information. This is meant to be a beginner course and will include everything the student will need to know to enter the beautiful world of birth photography!

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