Professional Birth Photography Certification

Beginner Program

Step 1: Begin and complete our online birth photography education course & read the required reading.
Step 2: Turn in a total of 3 birth portfolios for critique, in order to pass off each skill requirement.
Step 3: Apply for certification. Once you are approved for certification, you will receive an official certificate in the mail, have access to the certified button to add to your site and social media pages, as well as a free listing in our directory of certified birth photographers AND continued alumni discounts for CEU’s offered here in the future.

Please Note: This is not a beginner “photography” course. To begin this course, you must already know the basics of photography.

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Elite Program

This option is for the already skilled and established Birth Photographer. If you feel you are able to meet the qualifications, you will have the opportunity to apply for certification review. This will include an assessment of one complete birth story where we will be looking for a certain level of expertise, as well as a portfolio of select photos that show that you have mastered each of the areas that we are looking for.

Some of the skills we will be looking for include:

-Understandig of the birth process & signs of labor
-Creating a storyline with your images
-Varieties of detail shots
-Range of images (close up/wide angle)
-Technical Skills (i.e. lighting, composition, focus, clarity)
– Ability to shoot in low light
-The knowledge you need to use a flash if/when necessary   for low light or to create dimension in otherwise flat lighting
-Basic post processing skills that show a polished look to   your finished images

If you feel you have mastered each of these skills, the Elite option is right for you!

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Why Certify?

Give yourself the edge on your competition by becoming certified. This will show your clients that you have met a certain criteria and standard, so they know you are capable of capturing their birth story better than any other photographer in the area. Being a “Certified Birth Photographer” will soon be the gold standard for the market. Make sure you are one of them!

For the beginner, you will be able to charge more sooner, than doing it on your own without training or certification.

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